"Why don't we work together?"

Not as isolated disciplines in tiring and extensive site meetings. But as a team of experts including architects, engineers and consultants from the various disciplines. All together around a virtual table. In the DhochN project teams, we integrate the specialized contributions of all stakeholders in a consistent data model system. After all, using the full potential of working with digital building models depends on the quality of the model and the completeness of the digital information processes. Using interdisciplinary planning and professional management, DhochN creates the framework required for the digital construction industry. We support and advise developers and companies in the construction and real estate industry. In the implementation of digital processes. In the planning, construction and operation of buildings. Together We Are BIM.

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Volkswagen Financial Services
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Volkswagen Financial Services

It comes as no surprise that Volkswagen Financial Services tightly manages its finances, but it is still quite remarkable that the savings achieved using our services in the very first project considerably reduced the planned investment costs. As the developer's representative explained, "we became increasingly curious during the project, were excited by what we saw, and ended up trying out more than we initially thought we would. We are absolutely convinced of the integrated DhochN method and will continue to work with these model-based, digital processes in the future. DhochN developed customized BIM standards for VWFS in 2015 and 2016.

DhochN services for VWFS:

  • BIM integration of conventional technical planning
  • Setting up centralized consistent data models
  • Collision control and model check
  • Model-based quantity determination for the tender
  • Preparation of the model for the construction site
  • Model-based daily progress reports
  • Model-based construction progress monitoring
  • Updating of the models to as-built models
  • The use of laser scanning point clouds for dimensional inspection
  • Model-based construction works accounting
  • Model-based data transfer to facility management

For testing purposes in this project, we successfully implemented a versatile, large-scale, stereo projection system for interactive, spatially scaled visualization of buildings (Immersive Engineering Lab). We now provide our clients with this solution and the required technical equipment as needed.

DhochN BIM Building Information Modeling Berlin VWFS 01

Laser Scanning - Digitalization of your portfolio

In most cases - and that´s usual - buildings are not new. In order to increase efficiency for these buildings using digital methods as well, we digitalize your existing buildings using 3D laser scanning.

The resulting point cloud provides a geometrically exact rendition of the building's visible parts.

Your advantages:

  • Avoidance of planning errors and an increase in productivity
  • Highly accurate fast data collection during operation
  • Secured portfolio information
  • Avoidance of planning risks
  • Those involved in planning can access portfolio information
  • Less expensive than manual measurement
  • Measurement of hard-to-reach areas using contact-free method
  • Recording of all surfaces in a single measurement
  • Comparison of existing plans with actual condition
  • Scans can be made in true color
  • Portfolio modeling using measurement data
  • Definition of level of model detail together with you
DhochN BIM Building Information Modeling Berlin Laser Scanning

Lindenhof Living — Working together apart

DhochN BIM Building Information Modeling Berlin Lageplan

In 8 weeks with DhochN as a modeling and planning center:

  • a qualified design concept
  • in three construction phases
  • for a total of 450 apartments,
  • preliminary planning
  • precise cost calculation
  • complex calculation of surface areas for every apartment
  • with elaborate tender documents

That is a challenge in itself. But it is another hurdle entirely to achieve this with a heterogeneous, interdisciplinary, newly formed design team distributed across Germany and a meticulously cost-conscious construction company as the global coordinator.

"We had already assumed that your team had a certain amount of experience in construction with BIM models, but we had not dared to hope that the model would blend in so smoothly and quickly with our cost calculation system," exclaimed the Project Manager of Bilfinger Hochbau GmbH (now Implenia construction GmbH) in Frankfurt.


What am I?

During the lifecycle of a building, all stakeholders have different requirements at different times with regard to digital information. Manufacturers of construction products therefore require a way to structure their product data in a uniform manner:

  • with data-oriented declarations of performance
  • with additional data derived from the properties defined in the harmonized product standards
  • with data derived from the defined properties of national product standards or testing standards
  • with information required during the lifecycle of a building

DhochN contributes to ensuring that all this product information is available in Germany in the future. In data form. In internationally uniform structures and formats.


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