Change now - a cultural change in construction.

Digital planning and building changes our perspective on our own discipline and work. It makes way for a new perspective on all the involved processes. After all, the consistent use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) methods means nothing less than a cultural change in the world of construction. In place of document-oriented planning, building and operating, there is a growing need for providing and sharing comprehensive digital information. The digital, model-based and interdisciplinary methods (BIM) ultimately include all the processes of information delivery during the property lifecycle. These methods form the foundation required for the interdisciplinary digital transport of all information without loss in all phases and make this information fully available to all stakeholders.


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This is based on a system consisting of virtual, digital and consistent building models, as well as the unified DhochN working method and the common DhochN information standard. We thus ensure a loss-free exchange of digital information pertaining to the building for all customer and project-specific use cases. In order to ensure a smooth process and a high quality of data, DhochN manages integration of the information of all stakeholders in a consistent data model. DhochN provides building information and digital imaging data to work with and share throughout the entire lifecycle.

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„BIM: The next step or a game changer?“

Siegfried Wernik's presentations focus on the strategic aspects of BIM methods and the paradigm shift that it is necessitating. What does BIM really mean and how do the optimized digital information processes in planning, building and operating actually differ from existing practices? What possibilities and opportunities does BIM offer for the stakeholders in the construction industry (developers, planners, contractors, manufacturers, technicians and operators)?

DhochN BIM Building Information Modeling Berlin buildingsmart Forum Video

20. buildingSMART Forum
Closing discussion with Dr. Thomas Welter and Prof. Rasso Steinmann (german)

19.10.2016 in Berlin
20. buildingSMART Forum | Location: Westhafen, Berlin
Organizer: buildingSMART e.V.

DhochN BIM Building Information Modeling Berlin bau TV Video

Bau-TV | Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

Anton Gasteiger in einem Interview.

Conferences and Lectures


BIMiD - Delivering modelling data for the operation of the building

Conference: 7th BIMiD-Symposium | Bau 2017
Location, Date: Messe München, Januar 17th, 2017
Author: Adriane Gasteiger, Tamara Gasteiger, Ajna Nickau
Organizer: BIMiD

Digitization - The buildings 4.0 technology

Conference: VDMA Politischer Abend
Location, Date: Kaisersaal Sony Center Berlin, August 8th, 2016
Author: Siegfried Wernik
Organizer: VDMA - Forum Gebäudetechnik

Trend: Digital construction and planning (BIM)

Conference: Allgäuer Baufachkongress 2016
Location, Date: Oberstdorf-Haus, 20. Januar 2016
Author: Anton Gasteiger, Siegfried Wernik
Organizer: Baumit GmbH



BIM as a new method for planning, construction and operating buildings

Congress: BAU - Symposium 2015
Location, Date: Bauakademie Linz, 10. November 2015
Author: Anton Gasteiger
Organizer: BAUakademie Oberösterreich

BIM & Quantities

Conference: BIM & Quantities
Location, Date: Bygningsstyrelsen Kopenhagen, Januar 14th, 2016
Author: Siegfried Wernik
Organizer: The Danish Association of Construction Clients

Digital information processes in building construction (BIM)

Conference: VDI-Fachkonferenz | BIM im Hoch- und Infrastrukturbau
Location, Date: NH Düsseldorf City Nord, Mai 16th, 2017
Author: Siegfried Wernik
Organizer: VDI Wissensforum GmbH

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Lützowstraße 102, 10785 Berlin
DhochN/Spree – the Architect

Digitalization means transformation. It is our goal to make this transformation useful and leverage its potential for our customers. Berlin serves as the laboratory for our strategies for the digital world of planning and construction. Berlin is also the incubator of our ideas for the future handling of software-independent product data as the foundation of the strengths and benefits of digital methods for our colleagues, customers and clients. From here, we contribute in numerous ways to policy-making in Germany.

DhochN Digital Engineering GmbH | Gutenbergstraße 4 | 10587 Berlin | +49 30 5770141‑70 |

Infanterieweg 9a, 26129 Oldenburg
DhochN/Jade - the Engineer

The youngest member of our family – DhochN Nord in Oldenburg, formerly BIM-Consult – works closely with the Jade University of Applied Sciences and develops pioneering approaches to portfolio modeling and process modeling as part of this collaboration. Laser scans provide a solid foundation of portfolio modeling. Individual models are combined to calculate a point cloud. This forms the foundation of developing new building models, from which all conventional representations can be derived. 
The transparent modeled processes provide old-timers and newcomers a precise overview of the required steps when working with model-based, digital planning and implementation.

DhochN Digital Engineering Nord | Infanterieweg 9a | 26129  Oldenburg | +49 30 5770141‑70 |

Schopperweg 50, 6330 Kufstein
DhochN/Inn – the Baumeister

The cradle of our working method - the b.i.m.m GmbH. Anton Gasteiger is a master builder and managing partner of b.i.m.m. They have developed the standards we use, the corresponding nomenclatures and tools. The b.i.m.m is also consulting big names in the industry (ATP, PORR, STRABAG, etc.). The family business AGA-Bau GmbH performs the stress tests of the tools and is also working with the featured method. DhochN/Inn is also involved in Austrian policy-making and has developed the brand "BIM-Baumeister".

DhochN Digital Engineering GmbH | Schopperweg 50 | A - 6330 Kufstein | +49 30 5770141‑70 |

Our cooperation partners

b.i.m.m GmbH

The tools developed by the b.i.m.m GmbH extend the Autodesk Revit® software. Although Revit® already offers good prerequisites for the implementation of a BIM workflow, b.i.m.m goes one step further: it converts the specific know-how with its own development team into practice-oriented software solutions.

The b.i.m.m tools simplify workflows, make routine tasks more efficient and thus enable uncomplicated and productive handling of Autodesk Revit®. Click here to go to b.i.m.m GmbH.


OP Engineers GmbH

OP Engineers develop the optimal structures with competence, creativity and innovative power and supervises projects in all planning and construction phases. The employees can provide extensive experience in all areas of structural design. Click here for the Internet appearance of OP Engineers GmbH.

Scholze-Lava Consulting GmbH

The aim of Schulze-Lava is to develop buildings that offer maximum comfort, with minimal investment, energy and operating costs. Sustainability and holistic solutions are neither worthwhile nor challenging, but Scholze-Lava, with its document and interface management, creates the prerequisites for those solutions. Sustainability is a commitment to present and future generations.  Click here for the Internet presence of Schulze-Lava Consulting GmbH.


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