DhochN | Berlin has moved

New adress

Since June 30, 2018 DhochN | Berlin is located between Siegessäule and Ernst-Reuter-Platz
- directly on the Spree!



We´re integrating

“Why don't we work together?“

Not as isolated disciplines in tiring and extensive site meetings. But as a team of experts including architects, engineers and consultants from the various disciplines. All together around a virtual table.

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We´re consulting

Change now - cultural change in construction.

Digital planning and building changes our perspectives on our own discipline and work. It makes way for a new perspective on all the involved processes. After all, the consistent use of BIM methods results in nothing less than a fundamental cultural change in construction.

We´re training

Who sets the standards?

We define standards and practice transparency. The DhochN team gives informative presentations, helps others in seminars and is involved in standardization committees.

The digital
Building Clone

DhochN has expanded toward the North Sea as DhochN/Jade and uses laser technology to create a precise digital representation of your building.




It comes as no surprise that Volkswagen Financial Services tightly manages its finances as a developer and operator of a large real estate portfolio. It is nevertheless still quite remarkable that the savings achieved using our services in the very first project significantly reduced the planned investment costs. Instant Return on Investment (ROI).

Instant Return on Investment (ROI)